AquaSource ColActive3 Colostrum is sourced from the South West of the US area the processing ability was advised by dairy action engineers as a accompaniment of the art processing ability for the sole purpose of bearing the best above colostrum.
AquaSource recommends ColActive3 for individuals who ambition added abutment for a advantageous digestive amplitude additional all the added allowances of colostrum. ColActive3 combines the allowances of ColActive with two added ingredients:
• Acidophilus – a affable bacilli built-in to the baby intestines. This is included to abutment the bloom of the lower digestive system. The capital action of the digestive arrangement is to adapt aliment so it is accessible to the anatomy for use in energy, growth, and structural maintenance.
• Lactoferrin – although already byitself present in colostrum, this bioactive peptide is aswell included as a stand-alone additive to added advice abutment the allowed system.
The Colostrum is calm and candy beginning – not frozen. Flash pasteurised at 72°C for 15 abnormal and again broiled with low aberrant heat.
Key Advantages:
• All the advantages of ColActive and added
• ColActive3′s primary additive is US Colostrum
• Additional digestive amplitude abutment from Acidophilus
• Lactoferrin, which binds with adamant and assists its uptake. It helps abutment the body’s own accustomed defences
• Excellent comestible abutment for breath people, sportsmen and sportswomen
With the ability of these three nutrients, ColActive3 is an able accession to any comestible administration allowance to accommodate a foundation for concrete bloom based on the ultimate blueprint: Nature.
Take 2 capsules in the morning with a bottle of bounce water, twenty account afore a meal. Those convalescing afterwards an affliction may crop up to two capsules alert a day.
Note: Although AquaSource ColActive is of bovine source, it is about acceptable for those on non-dairy diets as the lactose/dairy agreeable is minimal. However, it is not acceptable for those adversity from milk protein allergies.
The aboriginal colostrum
AquaSource ColActive Colostrum is sourced from New Zealand and advised to be an acutely authentic antecedent for Colostrum.
AquaSource ColActive provides important diet and allowed arrangement abutment including blubbery acids and all 5 classes of immunoglobulins. AquaSource ColActive can be taken by adolescent and old akin as able-bodied as athletes and added humans breath in sport. Remember all the admirable capacity in colostrum are accessory – the all-embracing appulse is greater than the appulse of anniversary basic individually.
Key Advantages:
• Uses New Zealand colostrum, accouterment added diet than added forms

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